Android, iOS, Web, mini program
Multi platform SDK and App builder
3D VR & AR topology GIS
Smart solutions with e-travel, e-commerce, ERP, CRM, supervision, Big data intelligence
Maps website in Helsinki
DEM website Cuandixia
App Store
Mobile web
Since 2008, we have invested 1040 man-years with an average of 80 developers to offer technology platforms for maps, navigation, travel, e-commerce and social networks covering more than 200 countries in multi-language with 50 millions downloads.

We have been promoted as the sole Data Center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism International Maps, Navigation and Tourism Joint Laboratory to offer our geospatial technologies to large smart city projects.
Smart city, village, park, campus
Complete solutions on the shelf
Street View Laoshan
720 view in Laoshan
Laoshan App
Lushan App
Deliver 3D AR-VR smart solutions without software developments to provide mobility, sport, travel, e-communication, e-community, e-commerce with geospatial big data intelligence, geospatial supervision on traffic and revenues including AI computer vision and data predictions.
Mini program and app builder
Create your app to run your smart business
Generated automatically your 3D AR-VR apps and mini program with drag-and-drop interface within hours.
World maps & navigation SDK
Over 200 countries, 300,000 cities
150 million places, 10 million streets
Mobile web SDK
Android SDK
Develop maps, searches, places, tours, audio, 720°, street view, AR, VR, routes, navigation, transit, metro in multi-language.
Chat, moment, video, social network
Chat group, group video call, review
Share location, contact, moment, video, product, shop on any messaging and social networks platform
Ticket e-travel, Store e-commerce
restaurant booking, activity fastpass
Products, services, customers, employees, distributors, suppliers, CRM, sales, promotions, payments, POS, billing, accounting, distribution, suppliers, warehouse, logistic, HR
Geospatial supervision and command
Real time supervision to command the immediate corrective actions and master emergencies.
Tourist Analysis
Number Analysis of Scenic Spots
Analysis of Scenic Area Income
Geospatial Big data intelligence
City big data processed by AI DLNN to develop the local economy and improve the inhabitants and travelers daily experiences.
Geoint in New York
Geoint in Paris
Geoint in London
Geoint in Bangkok
Topology GIS & 3D VR GIS
Drone mapping, image processing, data acquisition apps, GIS backend
Map your area after surveying with navigable roads, places, tours, audio, 720°, street views, cameras.
VR & AR Survey technologies
Lidar + RGB for outdoor and indoor photogrammetry, 720°, street view, scenic videos
Showcase your places, tours and site with immersive digital tools to win new visitors.
Advanced data acquisitions and predictions
AI DLNN CV, Wifi positioning systems, video surveillance on 3D VR maps, GPS trackers, IoT
Centralize, supervise, control, command, analyze real time data and big data intelligence.
3D virtual reality mobility website
3D virtual reality mobility app
3D augmented reality mobility app
Mobility, transit, sport
Travel, e-commerce, chats, moments, social networks
Map - Navigation - Transports
Over 232 countries
3D maps
In English, Chinese and local languages
(more languages to come)
Chats, moments, social networks
Manage your communities with your big data to develop your customers loyalty
Build your own brand community
Communicate directly with your users